We, the Inferior Bugs

❤ :’)

A Mango Girl's Territory

Hey there! I’m a bug. Not a computer-bug, a REAL bug!  All I got is my home-tree and my people. ❤ :’) My home-tree, you wouldn’t believe such a beauty it is!

The People are so diligent and simple- Simple dreams, Simple lives. Mango bugs we are, in fact!

The rain drops sip through the upper bulk, drop by drop to the lower hives as W.H.Davies comprehended, heh. But that’s okay. We can stand that. All these years (64), we’ve been! The people on the lower branches go mad every once in a while. Yeah, it’s like a habit now. Predictable. But The queen’s as stubborn as the people, TeeHee. Pity on us, never got a Queen that could really care for The People! Alas!

Since the Queen’s never gonna take even the slightest hitch out of the post, enough with the old-school-Queen-crisis! Do you know how many smarty-wings…

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About amnajaved

A brat,trying to adjust.
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