Bewildered Coward? Maybe.

Seeing outside this window pane, I wonder. How I’ve always craved for this, I wonder.

Hilly fields, craggy faces, silence, tranquility, order; something I always dreamed about. And now it’s idiotic, imbecile and frivolous for me. Huh! It’s funny how I value things too lightly, without recognition, failing to appreciate the luck I had. But that’s how it works, right? For us, for humans? That’s how we forget, that’s how we lay aside things we once used to adore, that’s how we cease to remember stuff we once urged for. Always shrugging off. Brushing things off. Always failed to hat tip my privileges, always dashing hopes.

Infirmity, fragility to show Him my gratitude. Frailty to express before Him. That’s something I’m best at,I think. But trust me, it sucks! It really does.


About amnajaved

A brat,trying to adjust.
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2 Responses to Bewildered Coward? Maybe.

  1. Zainub Javed says:

    You’re doing the same thing. Not appreciating what you have now. You’ve lost nothing. You’re just whiny like me. This actually is what you wanted. Given some time and you’ll come back to your senses. You think you wanna go back to school, spend time at home, watch tv. But no, that sounds fancy from afar when you pay visits like a guest. It’s just as boring and depressing as it gets. You can never be happy with self-pity. Stop whining and start appreciating what you have now. In time.


    • amnajaved says:

      You just wrote the summary of what I wanted to convey. The thing is I want to overcome this exasperation I’ve got inside. It was a way of snubbing my subconscious, I guess.


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