Remorse in vain.

‘Obsessions – they destroy you!’

The words echoed in the mysterious, awkward silence around him. And once again, he quivered in the frosty, antagonistic chills of darkness. The glooms were nasty and with piercing shrieks of silences. It was exasperating for others but somehow he had made peace with it. After all, it was the only friend he was left with. When is the time to flee? When is the time to get my salvation? When would the time end? The only wonderings he was left with.

‘The worst you can do to yourself isn’t actually to wont your soul with humans. The worst was to get hounded  by your own soul. The worst was to get bounded by your vague urges. The worst was the sadist lying just inside you, ready to get an escape all the time’, he’d now realized. But things weren’t always this eerie.

The story started from a trifling neighborhood, winky faces by some whistling Dixie and endless strives for writing something that wasn’t destined to be written in his hands. Peeking from the balconies, trailing through the school lawns, boasting fake efficiencies summed up the teenage. Days over days, he was making moments over moments. Moments of false hope, moments of phony aspirations and moments of building beautiful conjectures. From letters to cassettes, from bangles to foot chains and from words to wrecking desperation, the magma was boiling into youth.

But sandcastles are meant to be fallen by the waves of life. He didn’t get what he dreamed and the dilemma made him blindfolded in the hands of ego. Turned out intimacy was overcome by obsession in an overnight’s span and temperament made a triumph over infatuation.

The blazing sun was out there and she was waiting for the college bus. A moment later love changed to revenge and hugged her right in her face.

The stature was out and with that melting beautiful face and flowing eyes she made her last eye contact with her oppressor, with uncountable queries and silent screeches.

He ran and ran after that, from him, from his words and apparently from his world. Two years of running but that last eye contact won’t leave his way. Her yelps followed his way to the gallows. HCl had not drunk her only it had drunk his life too and thus both the souls served its nosh.



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A brat,trying to adjust.
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8 Responses to Remorse in vain.

  1. anothersadsoul says:

    Why don’t you promote yourself? It’s like you are letting your frustrations out but at the same time you are staining the pages with the bitter realities of life that ‘can’ make a difference. And there’s no such thing as a constructive or destructive criticism, there’s only you and your perception.


    • amnajaved says:

      For me seeing things from a distance is more fascinating rather than giving long explanations to people who perceive utterly different ideas according to their own mindsets.
      P.S. I’ve kept the share button on regarding Facebook and Twitter, so you can say I’m partially publicizing my stuff already. No?


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