Perpetual Delirium.

The road was bumpy and night was bleak. I looked up and saw the petrifying storm approaching. But something was weird, there was no sound; of the roaring clouds, the rushing birds or the mad trees. It was suffocating. I looked back and saw a man running towards me. He was clamoring something, bursting his lungs out. But again I couldn’t hear him. He approached me, whispered something in my ear and vanished. Something about somewhere I was going towards. Some kind of warning I couldn’t understand. I wanted to ask him and hold onto him, for it was one spooky night. But he just fled leaving me in that mist. I started running like a wild dog. To find something. Anything – a flee, an escape. But the road never ended. I stopped for a while to catch my breath and saw two aged, calm, pacific faces indulged in some conversation. I ran towards them, shouted my heart out but didn’t get back a single notion. It was like I was invisible to them. I wanted to wake up but couldn’t. I wanted to cry like a baby but couldn’t. It was like a maze trap. So I just sat beside them and watched them to calm down my nerves. The sight really was soothing and accommodating. There came a moment when I thought this was going to be over now, so I closed my eyes and let myself elope in the feeling but right then, the couple disappeared. Just when I was sure of finding my escape, they left me all alone again.

I thought it was death. So I decided to resume my journey wondering it might end somewhere, somehow. Moving along the way I noticed a group of people of my age. But I couldn’t recognize any of the faces. And so again I was the invisible one. I sat beside them and cried my bellows out. It brought me to peace. I do not know how but it did.

They vanished just like the old couple giving me my next stop, a beautiful woman with two children. They were laughing and playing and teasing each other. I smiled. It felt like I smiled after years. I sat quietly near them on the ground. I wanted to grasp every single moment of this stop. I wanted to be a part of their play but it felt like I was a late player and they wouldn’t allow me to be a participant. I closed my eyes to soak in those chuckles, thinking I might get some sleep and it might get peaceful again. But right after I closed those eyelids the laughter stopped. I opened them with a sudden thrust. I didn’t want to loss this one. ‘No!’ I shouted. But the picture was gone now. All gone!

I had become so exhausted and wanted to catch some sleep but there wasn’t any. I started walking again, thinking I might get this kind of sight again at my next stop but it was hard to even walk now. I couldn’t feel my legs. I slowed down to little steps now. I kept telling myself it was going to be okay. I’ll find the last stop again or any of the other ones. Engrossed in those thoughts, I saw an old man with a cane walking towards me from a distance. He looked right into my eyes. It was a little scary but I just wanted someone around me. He came near me and smiled. He stretched his arms for me. I didn’t want to embrace him but I was so tired and desperate. I was frightened but I wanted peace. He was a stranger but I wanted someone to at least hear me out, recognize my existence. So I hugged him. And all of a sudden, I was finally at peace. And that’s when I finally woke up.


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3 Responses to Perpetual Delirium.

  1. Another masterpiece…
    To find something. Anything – a flee, an escape.–A beautifully structured sentence.
    You have done amazingly well in creating a perfect environment for your character to fit in this story.
    -“wondering it might end somewhere, somehow.” This is a good way to end a sentence. A unique way though.
    This story is very well written, showing what it looks like when one loses his existence. Other characters in the story, they seem like a distinct memory living in the present. Just to hint out to the main character what is going on.
    Loved the story and looking forward to read more of your works.

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