The avid moth flew and sat next to the horrid toad and asked, ‘what next?’ ‘The crocodile tracked me down the hill top and with a sudden thrust jumped over my left limb, I stumbled and fell.’ The apprehensive creature stepped a few steps back silently, for she knew what she was dealing with. ‘He was one hungry hound and I was a petrified dejection, I ran and ran hard with that bloody limb and sought peace behind a big stump. Peace with that bleeding limb and cyanotic skin. Peace with losing a part of my existence’, he continued. She kept asking the exasperated creature sitting next to her leaf for more but he remained mouth-sealed after that.

‘What if the predator was haltered out of his prototype?’ the desperate moth suggested him a reason he was never looking for and that’s when he smirked and she knew the suggestion was as dumb as her appearance. ‘If prototypes were everything, there would be plausibility of nil, honey, now buzz off or you’ll get to see my prototype!’

But she was not one to give up so put forth another dummy, ‘I disagree. Nobody asks whether the tar wanted to be rolled over with road rollers before getting dried, the mortar wanted to fill the unsymmetrical gaps between the stranger stones and if every ground spice wanted to get crushed to powder before it satisfies your taste buds. The genes, the past, the prototypes are exclusive of free wills.’

‘What about the man who wipes out an entire ant colony out of curiosity, the rented murderer who secures his necessities at the expense of someone’s life, the monkey who is made to dance through the thin lanes of this city without having a consent form, haha? The thing is there are borderline cases and then there are paradigms, you need to dissolve your pathetically soothing approaches to realistically brutal ones my friend and you’ll have your queries answered the better way’, the exasperated toad fed her up with another shut up call via another repulsive gaze.

Ironically, she took a step nearer to the bursting volcano and made yet another desperate attempt at the Placebo Effect, ‘There are borderline cases and there are chances to push that line onto the right side too but it’s not always clear whether that push is in our hands or under the abstract fallacies of our minds. You cannot entirely blame a rapist when he’s experienced his whole life his father bantering his mother with cute little slaps of relentless vulgarity.’

‘Percentages, my friend. There is always room for percentages, I know. State something less obvious. You think you can act as a psychologist and make me feel empathetic when you and I both know very well how words would mere be words and phrases would be nothing but nauseating alphabets vomited out for the spur of the moment.’

She smiled without further ranting about anything. He leaned forward and she didn’t fly. He settled down his limbs like the hunter holds his gun after getting no food the whole day and desperately starts firing for any trifling prey he was never interested in the first place. She shut her eyelids and took a deep breath. The slimy, loath filled tongue caught her right in her face.

But wait, why he tastes only a single wing? ‘She didn’t fly because of one wing or she was too desperate to prove her point?’ he wondered. Or maybe the ‘free will’ got transmuted with the prickly ‘prototype’. Either way, vengeance had been well served. And oh, of course cold. Haha.


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