A flashing vent.

Last night you appeared before me; nice and calm,

Last night we chatted; we chatted long.
Two muddled strangers, with nothing in hand,
But you knew me, and I knew you,
You get me?
Last night we aborted, everything we had.

Of rainbows and unicorns,
Butterflies and nightingales,
We peeped beyond the constellation seas.
Last night you made me catch up with every reverie I ever longed for,
Every rant I ever fancied to moan away.
Everything we loathed,
And everything we yearned.
Every pipedream we were never able to shrug off,
And every diversion we always wanted to get immersed in.

Last night, we experienced euphoria,
I know, I did.
I synched within your tornados,
And I let your Vulcan pierce his hammer within my bones.
But now that you’ve fled away with Cinderella’s crystal shoes,
Her words and her mirages, I wonder,
O’ dear me, why did I chat?
O’ dear me, why did I chat?


About amnajaved

A brat,trying to adjust.
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